Bridging the gap
between two worlds . . .
About Me
Hmmm about me, I'm not one to really talk about me but I'm a mother of four children, a 21 year old son, 19 year old daughter, 13 year old daughter and I have a special needs son that is 17 years old. I am also a graphic designer and a  Make a Wish granter volunteer. 
     I started my Spiritual Journey in 2007 after the passing of my father. It was a very difficult time for me as I'm sure you know how that is as well. At the time of his passing I didn't know I was blessed with any gifts. I know you're probably thinking how don't you know when you see a ghost or a spirit. Believe it or not, but for some people, they don't recognize it till they are older and for others they have always known. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them that knew early on.
     After the passing of my dad, I started to see him often. I didn't know if it was me wanting to be with him so much or him worrying about leaving me behind. I'm his youngest and he would always worry about me. I would see him often and soon after I started to see other Spirits as well. They didn't scare me because they appeared "normal " to me, which I'm glad it as you can imagine.
    I know what it's like to lose a loved one (I've lost several, including fur babies) and just because I have this gift , it doesn't make the grief process is any different for me. It's very hard to experience it and if your like me I use to think once they passed away that they didn't exist anymore and that part was what was really hard for me to understand and accept. 
    The truth is that in reality when one makes their transition home to Heaven or Summerland, they continue life over there. They continue to do what they loved to do here on earth such as baking, fishing, singing, etc. When I learned that I was so relieved and comforted. Even though we know that, we still need the reassurance that they're ok and in a good place. That's where I try to help. God has given me this gift to help people know that they're loved one is ok and that you will see one another again when it's your time to go home too. . .

My Spiritual Toolbox

Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts Institute
Mediumship Intensive 3 Day Training ~ September 2010
Mediumship 12 Week Training Program ~ June 2012
Mediumship Training Program ~ February 2013
Psychic ~ Clairvoyance Training Program July 2014

John Holland
Learn To Connect To The Spirit World ~ March 2013

James VanPraagh
Mastering Meditation  
Enhancing Your Intuition 
Soul Discoveries, Meditation Program

Psychic Medium Joy Star
Psychic Class Online 

Reiki Energy Healing Center
Hands On Usui Reiki Training ~ Level 1~ April 2011

Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine 
Certified Angel Card Reader Course ~ December 2015