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Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts

     Carol's teaching goals and philosophies have remained consistent; to allow the student to discover their own inner strengths and weaknesses and support them along their pathway of inner development. She also believes in letting the student use their own methods of working with her providing the guidelines and information. The goal for Imagine Spirit is not to change inherent and already mastered abilities unique to each person, but to enhance what they have and provide doors of discovery for abilities they don’t know they have.
     Carol has facilitated many in-person classes and week-end intensives all over the country for Mediumship and Psychic and Spiritual Development. Among these are Walnut Creek, CA, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Birmingham, AL, and in Atlanta and Savannah, GA. She has also graduated numerous classes by phone and certified many outstanding Mediums, Holistic and Psychic Counselors over the last twelve years. If you would like to take one of Carol's wonderful classes you can find her at

Carol Nicholson, Ph.D. 

Certified Psychic Medium

Imagine Spirit

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